Online Kingdom Business & Tech Coach
for Christian Women Coaches

It’s my heart’s desire to make it as easy as possible for you to say YES to God’s call to impact lives for His Kingdom through your online coaching business, by removing the guesswork and the tech work for you.

Because the truth is, I learned the long, hard way…

Partnering with God

The entrepreneurial call came near the end of my Master of Science degree when every single door of job opportunity was closed for me. To make an already defeating situation worse, what should have been the most wonderful season of my life – starting a family – turned into the most challenging.

Our son came into this world with health challenges and a broken marriage with constant arguments. When all else failed, I desperately cried out to God and returned to my Christian roots. This time, I traded religion and distance for relationship and connection. I developed the habit of studying the Bible and learned to hear God’s voice for wisdom and guidance. And by partnering with God, I:

  • Overcame anxiety
  • Learned to raise Christ-centred children in the midst of multiple food allergies
  • Experienced healing and restoration in my marriage

I know how difficult it can be to pursue God’s call and feel like all hell is coming against you. That’s why I have created some foundational Courses that walk you through how to let God fight for you so you can see breakthrough and better impact the people you’re called to.

Simplifying Online Business

After gaining so much insight on how to navigate life’s difficulties in partnership with God, I couldn’t ignore the compelling desire to share my discoveries with everyone. So, I started a blog. I was so consumed with the passion of it all that I entirely ignored the fact that:

You need money for the mission.

You can imagine that that didn’t help my marriage situation much. But thank God for His Holy Spirit redirection to start a Coaching business.

But after attaining my Coaching Certification, I soon discovered that it takes more than knowing how to coach to build a successful business.

Coming from the entirely different world of Science, I poured a lot of time and money (which I didn’t have!) into learning all I could about doing business online. And by learning I mean lots of trial and error…

When I finally got my first paying Coaching clients, this is what I noticed I did:

  • Clarified who exactly I serve (which was NOT everyone!)
  • Knew where I was in the business journey and only focused on activities for that stage
  • Found the right balance between serving and selling (which is an extension of serving, by the way)
  • Created systems to serve excellently

If you’re missing any of these pieces or would like guidance on how to apply them to your specific coaching business…

Helping with Tech

And speaking of serving, my business was literally birthed while serving, but not as a Coach. In fact, my business did not start as a Coaching business.

My business started in response to a sermon entitled, “What’s In Your Hands?”, which was all about using the gifts and talents God gave you to benefit His Kingdom.

As I listened, I felt a strong prompting to help with the church’s website. It was similar to prompting I received on previous occasions to…

  • Volunteer as an IT Support Officer during my Master’s program
  • Enroll in the Computer Science course during my undergraduate studies, even though I was on a medical science career track

But in all cases, I responded with a YES and the results have been amazing! After I finished the church’s website, it was so well-received that others started referring clients to me! Thus, my business was birthed.

Now I couple my Coaching experience with my “anointing” for tech in order to lift the burden for my clients.

If you’re ready to end the tech stress in your Coaching business…