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God’s Heart: Vaccinated or Unvaccinated?

Vaccinated, unvaccinated… what is God’s heart? Do you have a lack of faith if you get vaccinated? Are you selfish if you don’t? These are tough questions for the tough times we are living in. But I firmly believe that God has the answer, God is the answer for every situation we face. So, in … Read More

How to Hear from God Personally

Did you know that the #1 skill you need to develop in order to live a truly successful life is to hear from God? God knows everything including ALL of the secrets to success and He can reveal them to you directly. That’s why I’ll be sharing with you tips on how you can hear … Read More

How to Overcome People-Pleasing in Marriage

When God is calling you, not everyone will agree with you but you can’t allow people-pleasing, even in marriage to stop you from what God is calling you to do. If your husband or pastor or anyone close to you whom you love and respect, do not respond favourably when you share what you believe … Read More

Getting to Know the Real Enemy of Your Marriage – Part 3

“Mom, I had a bad dream!” My 5-year-old son was very downcast and discouraged as he greeted me that morning and recounted the nightmare from which he had just awoken. In the dream, there were “angry birds” that had somehow gained entrance into our house and were wreaking havoc. Repeatedly pecking and bouncing up and … Read More

Getting to Know the Real Enemy of Your Marriage – Part 2

“He’s not changing! I can’t believe I spent all this time praying, believing and trying everything and we’re still here. Going around this same old mountain. I’m so tired. How in the world can he not see how much this hurts me? He’s never going to Change!” Do I have any other sisters in Christ … Read More

Getting to Know the Real Enemy of Your Marriage – Part 1

Marriage is a beautiful thing. Otherwise, why do we spend so much time dreaming about it, pursuing it and in some cases, emptying our savings or even going into debt to enter into it? There is definitely something there to be desired. But let’s face it, marriage can also be quite messy and we may … Read More

Don’t Ignore the Benefits of this “F” Word

“Tastes like cardboard”. That’s the spoken or unspoken fear I believe most people have when presented with healthy food options and alternatives. As a mom of two children with food allergies, who enjoys trying new things and sharing with others, ask me how I know. Now, two things: First, it is important to note that … Read More