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Client - Beverly Lewis of Beverly Speaks

Beverly Lewis is a Leadership Coach, Executive Trainer, Professional Speaker, and Business Culture Catalyst. She works with Business Leaders and Teams to increase productivity, boost morale, reduce turnover, and optimize culture by increasing their Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

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After launching her podcast, “The High Road to Leadership”, Beverly wanted to offer her listeners a special gift to show her appreciation as well as have a good way to build connection with them. She decided that offering the audio version of her book was the perfect fit. While Beverly has years of experience and is very knowledgeable when it comes to creating email opt-ins, nurturing her audience, and of the various tech pieces that power her online business:

  • The stress and frustration that can come with it all was something she had rather do without 
  • She desired a professional looking landing page that matched the quality of content produced on her podcast and that better connected with her audience


Following Beverly’s lead of creating opt-ins on her WordPress site, a unique solution was devised using a combination of plugins specifically created for high conversion and eye-catching design (Thrive Leads + Elementor). The main call-to-action (CTA) button triggered a ThriveBox pop-up, integrated with Keap/Infusionsoft. All other buttons redirected the user to the main CTA button. 

The hero image was designed with both the offer and idea of an audiobook in mind as well as the intended audience of business leaders, and therefore included elements that speak to both. With insight from Beverly, a headline was crafted to capture the essence of her audience’s desire along with subheading and bullet points highlighting the key takeaways and benefits of the book. Given that the landing page was for a book previously published, albeit in a different format, reviews were pulled straight from Amazon to add that layer of credibility. The landing page would not be complete without Beverly’s unique brand represented in the form of her brand colours, logo and her professional photo and bio.

Once the landing page was completed it was first tested across devices, then further rounds of testing were carried out to gauge user experience and build connection.


Following is a full page screenshot of the final desktop version of the fully responsive landing page.

Beverly landing page screenshot


"I needed a sharp-looking landing page for an offer and it was great relief to delegate that project to Jenny-Lyn. I always knew she is kind, encouraging, patient, dedicated and reliable. She went above and beyond my expectations. She is a great communicator and uses a system for project management that keeps things crystal-clear. In addition to having a grasp of many platforms and an ease with technology, she has a great sense of design."
Beverly Lewis
Founder of Beverly Speaks

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